Doc DeLoach

Middays with Doc DeLoach from 10A to 3P.

Childhood Ambition: to be an announcer

Fondest Memory: when my wife got turned around while hiking and she found a bear just before I found her (Boy, was she glad to see me)

Soundtrack: Pure Country – George Strait

Retreat: back roads of stone county, Ozark National Forest

Wildest Dream: we better skip this one.

Proudest Moment: when my kids were born.

Biggest challenge: watching television during an election year.

Perfect day: a sunny day about 72.5 degrees, hangin’ out with the love of my life and burnin’ some meat on the grill and enjoying some cold beverages.

First Job: working for my dad in his drywall business… first radio job was at KCAZ in Walnut Ridge, AR

Greatest Fear: getting stuck on the side of the road on my way to work

Inspiration: my wife, kids and God

Favorite movie: Anything by the Duke… need I say more?

Additional comments: I’ve been a country DJ since I was knee high to Little Jimmy Dickens and all I have to show for it are some old Gene Watson and Moe Bandy 8 tracks, but it’s still a good time.